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What are good credit cards for my first credit card?

I am a newly eightteen year old and my mom has been building my credit history for the last two years, so i have phenomial credit history.
I am looking for a credit card that has a good rewards program for me.
I looked into the american eagle card but it seems like it takes a lot to get rewards.

Any ideas?

    Posted 3 years ago

    get a chase card, they give you money back if you pay in full

      Posted 3 years ago

      Go to creditcards.com and they’ll lay all your options out based on what you search on.

        Posted 3 years ago

        definetly start with the american express…if you have good credit then maybe go for gold…
        i just got my black card!

          Posted 3 years ago


          they give you a certain percentage cash back on what you’ve spent

            Posted 3 years ago

            try chase

              Buff Me
              Posted 3 years ago

              dont open any, its the worst thing you can do for your life

              but if you really need one do a gas card and / or a small department store. Nothing big until you know you can handle it. if you go to big and cant pay you will regret it


                Casey Lea A
                Posted 3 years ago

                I don’t recommend getting a credit card at all. Credit card companies are thieves and should be outlawed!! I had a job where I was pushing the store credit card on our customers! I hated it and ended up quiting for that and other reasons. The money you save by paying cash and not getting into credit card hell far outweighs ANY rewards program. All credit cards take a long time and a LOT of your money to get rewards. When you go to redeem them, you need a whole lot of points to get anything good! They jack up your interest rate so far it leaves your head spinning and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, even if you make double payments! They don’t really want you to ever pay it off. Get a bank credit/debit card and keep the money in the bank that they will withdraw each time you use it. They don’t charge ANY finance charges! Banks have CASH reward programs. Both banks I use do. Here’s a good article for you to read.

                  Posted 3 years ago

                  Don’t get any and stay far way from credit cards. Learn to live on a written budget and live on less than you make. Credit card companies are sharks with all the rules and regulations stacked in their favor and they will eat you alive the minute they smell blood in the water. Reward programs are simply bait that they use to get more and more suckers to sign on. Don’t fall for them thinking that your going to win their game. Just try reading through the Terms and Conditions first.

                  Also, your mother can not build your credit for you. Especially if you were under 18. You must be of legal age to enter into a credit agreement that would be reported to the credit bureaus. So only you would capable of doing that. Unless your mother has been fraudulently using your name and social security number for the past two years, you still have no credit history.

                    Posted 3 years ago

                    It really depends on what rewards you’re looking for. If you want cash back, airline flights, cash back for spending, cash back for gas. It also depends on how you pay on your credit card, If you pay it all back every month, the sky is the limit. Do you mind paying an annual fee? If you don’t mind, then I would go with American Express. I heard it’s like $125 but the people who told me about it said it was amazing. Someone bought a TV, which came with a warranty, but AMEX gave a 3 year warranty above and beyond what the warranty they got in the store, then something happened to it during the AMEX warranty and they replaced the TV. It was a high ticket item too. Any credit card will work well, provided you ALWAYS pay the bill. Don’t EVER miss a payment. HSBC has a good card. You can check online. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I hope this helps

                      Steve Q
                      Posted 3 years ago

                      http://cards.hotusa.org – try this one. I personally use this card.
                      This card is also very good to build credit rating.

                        daniel r
                        Posted 3 years ago

                        Capital One Bank seems to be a popular choice with their variety of cards. See here:


                          James G
                          Posted 3 years ago

                          what you can do is do a little shopping for different credit cards, it is not as hard to do this anymore. do try to look for cards with no annual fee, low apr on balance transfers, cash advances and purchases.. and since you are looking to get a card with great rewards program, try to look for one that fits your life style, because there are various rewards programs that are made specifically for a targeted market.

                            Posted 3 years ago

                            If your looking for the best rewards credit card it would have to be the new Blue Cash from American Express®. It offers up to 5% cash back rewards on gas purchases and other expenses like eating out etc.. it offers up to 15 months 0% apr*.
                            And because you have exellent credit, you wont have a problem qualifying. 60 sec approval when you apply online.
                            Please visit my company at http://www.realcreditoffers.com
                            I’ve helped many people find the right card that fits there needs!

                              Posted 3 years ago

                              here are a few to consider…

                              List of cards with Cash Rewards

                              List of cards with Gas Rewards

                              List of cards with Retail Rewards

                              and many more

                              full with detailed reviews on all of the cards and free and easy to use comparison features

                                Hazel S
                                Posted 3 years ago

                                As with most credit cards you have to charge a significant amount in order to reap the best rewards. I would not suggest that for you however. Using credit can be a very dangerous game. You must be disciplined and use it wisely. Research your options first. try out this website for more information:

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